Occupants: Disappointment Enthusiast

Although rather vibrant and energetic, Disappointment Enthusiast, the debut single by London's up and coming punks, Occupants, comes from a dark place and pulls inspiration from themes of depression and empathy which are personal to the band's members, ultimately turning dejection into something more hopeful.

The band began in 2019, and they're expected to release their first EP, No Grace, in 2022, having already started to cause a stir through their directness of their writing and the punch in their performance. Memorable riffs, propulsion and a sense of noise rock classicality are essential parts of Disappointment Enthusiast which is without doubt a forceful piece, and it makes a strong first impression.

Occupants are Michael D. Phillips (vocals, guitar), Will Showler (bass, vocals) and Mark Slobodian (drums).

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