MAN1K1N: Don't Let Me Try

Industrial duo MAN1K1N return with Don’t Let Me Try, a fantastic new single which turns to very good account the genre's essentials, and contributes to keeping the style grounded in a time when excessive, overproduction is usually passing as the norm.

Dark and quite sentimental, Don’t Let Me Try also comes with a grave concept. The band explain: "Don’t Let Me Try was conceived as a reaction to a personal loss and a year and a half of solitude under the 2020 quarantine. It's a time capsule of several isolating moments.

"Too often, especially in our genre, suicidal ideation is regarded as a trope… But the anguish felt in those private moments is anything but a fashion statement or commonplace nothing. It’s threatening, imposing and devastatingly lonely."

Don’t Let Me Try was mastered by Tom Baker (NIN, Ministry, Static-X), and its slant toward late nineties and oughties industrial is out of the ordinary in today's terms.

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