True Faith: Gestalt

Having had a very creative couple of years, and not long after their recent seven-inch, Leucovorin Rescue b/w What Is Owed, rising post punk band, True Faith, gear up for the release of the release of their debut album, They Can Always Hurt You More. As the band's members come into the last year as medical students, they direct toward their art the hardship and stress they have been going through

First single, Gestalt, is the embodiment of that nerviness, with its title borrowing a term from psychotherapy, according to which the focus for one's treatment is their present life and issues.

While this album is a testament to our own personal experiences with mistreatment and abuse in the medical system, I think it really speaks to a greater theme of labor exploitation across all disciplines,” says guitarist and vocalist Travis Benson on the entire album.

For They Can Always Hurt You More True Faith recruit Francisco Ilabaca on synthesizer and Tom Weir (of Old Moon) on drums, and as a five-piece they continue to explore the rockier, guitar-laden sound of their previous release, making the synth-heavy earlier material of theirs seem far in the past.

They Can Always Hurt You More will be out on the independent post punk label, à La Carte Records, and it's expected on November 2nd, 2021.

Band photo by Chris Ma

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