Sofa: Current

Veteran Canadian post rock band, Sofa, was the first act released on the exquisite Constellation label. The band's lineup included the label’s co-founder Ian Ilavsky (guitar), alongside Scott Clarkson (bass), Keith Marchand (drums), and multimedia artist Brad Todd (vocals). 

New release, Source Crossfire, is an enhanced version of the quartet’s 1997 album, Grey, which was released on CD only. The new version sees LP1 re-sequenced to present Sofa's louder and softer sides separately, while LP2 is composed of material off their 1995 self-released cassettes, Town Unsafe and Record, all newly remastered by Jace Lasek and Harris Newman, and featuring new artwork by the band's own Brad Todd.

With genre-mixture being an essential quality of this band's merit, Source Crossfire brings together post punk, post hardcore, slowcore, goth and more into something incredibly cohesive and contrasting at the same time. Current is a perfect example of Sofa's slowcore side which will definitely impress those enamored with the sound of bands like Slint, Low and Codeine. 

Band photo by Nora Ben Sadoune, circa 1997


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