Marconi Union: Strata

Manchester’s Marconi Union have always had a penchant for exploration and well crafted atmospherics, both of which have been crucial aspects of their minimalist electronica. New single, Strata, introduces the band's coming album, Signals, out November 5th, 2021 on Just Music. 

Composed of Richard Talbot, Jamie Crossley and Duncan Meadows, Marconi Union have built a solid reputation and a pretty large body of work since their first appearance in 2003. Following the re-release of the Departures EP, and their idiosyncratic, predominantly beat-less previous full length, Dead Air, the trio approach their new material in a completely different manner, a more rhythmic one, drawing from their appreciation for a few different drummers.

"Strata is a rare example, for us, of a track that we tried out live a few times before committing to the album version,” Duncan  Meadows explains. "It’s one of the most up-tempo pieces we've ever written, it has an energy and emotion which for us borders on elation.

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