Zetra: Pull Me Under

A daring, forward looking and unafraid band by nature, London act Zetra lay out their genre bending skills on their new EP, From Within, previously introduced with a couple of strong singles, and now unveiled in its entirety, including the captivating new piece, Pull Me Under, and a couple of very fine instrumental tracks.

From Within bases its concept on death, the inescapability of it and how it ultimately becomes the vanquisher of all life. Established on a dark and gloomy foundation, the EP goes through ways of heavy shoegaze, dark synthpop, post punk, darkwave and metal in a seamless manner to put across its ominous and realistic statement. 

Much like the previous singles, Life Melts Away and Care, new track Pull Me Under stands out for its emotionalism, bringing together euphony and heaviness quite faultlessly.

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