Dreamwheel: Wild Days / Chain of Fear

European musicians Evan Linger and Julia Gaeta have their roots in punk and in metal. Togther the two artists comprise new act Dreamwheel, and establish their sound on a traditional, ethereal shoegaze foundation. With their first pair of singles, they enter the world of shoegaze, dreampop and post punk quite distinctly.

Carrying a lot of emotionality which hints at new wave romanticism, Dreamwheel deliver a couple of incredible first pieces, one darker/more post punk-based (Chain of Fear) and a moodier/gazier one (Wild Days), suggesting not only that they can bring the best of both worlds, but they're also more than capable of elevating their sound to an innovative darkwave blend.

Currently, Dreamwheel are working on the songs which will make up their first full length, and everything about that gives off pure excitement.

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