The Joy Formidable: Interval // Video

A little after the release of their newest single, Interval, The Joy Formidable pair the driving track to a new visual, created by the band and edited by Matt Thomas.

Ritzy Bryan describes the new clip: "The video was made from footage recorded during an impromptu visit to the Coral Pink Sand Dunes in Southern Utah. It’s a gorgeous spot, full of dunes and a constantly changing landscape depending on the weather as huge mountains of sand get blown about in the canyon winds. It felt like the perfect background to a song about change & shifting your own perspective. When you’re in a manipulative relationship, it feels like running through sand. You keep going but you slip and slide and don’t have a firm footing on who you are & where you want to go. This song is about recovering from that, finding your balance & your power again. There was also something incredibly satisfying about throwing myself off an 80 ft dune, the physical rendition of being free and spirited again."

Interval is one of the series of singles off Into The Blue, the upcoming album by The Joy Formidable, out digitally and on limited edition colored vinyl via Enci Records in North America, Full Time Hobby in Europe and Soundly Distro in the rest of the world on August 20th, 2021.

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