A Place To Bury Strangers: In My Hive

Hologram, the new EP by NYC's A Place to Bury Strangers, is one of those kinds of releases on which every song can easily become a standalone single, and that's seems to be happening at a regular pace. Having announced a North American Tour for Winter 2022, the band have also unveiled a video for the track In My Hive. It's a short horror film by Manon Aulon Elphick, Niicolé and Data Animal.

In My Hive is about how I’ve let myself get taken advantage of by other people because I just didn’t care at the time, but it definitely has come back to haunt me,” Oliver Ackermann comments on the new track. “It can be tiring to deal with these emotions but it’s best to think about what is going on and work through it.

A little different than the band's usual songwriting direction, In My Hive lays out APTBS' fuzzy, unconventional twist on psychedelia, while embracing their natural tendency for raucous, visceral, gazey rock 'n' roll.

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