julie: pushing daisies

Despite the genre's rises and falls in popularity, shoegaze rock 'n' roll has always been a kind of music whose future lied in the underground, and bands like the Los Angeles-based julie who bring forth a ton of nose rock and grunge qualities to their dynamic sound, and the outcome has always been endearing.

On their new EP, julie clean up their sound only a little bit, and maintain the right amount of discordance to counterpoint their charming tunefulness. pushing daisies is composed of six tracks, four fully realized grunge rockers and two intervals, and it's a fine encapsulation of the rising trio's growth, and a turn toward the right direction.

Opening track, april's-bloom, begins the concise new EP to a start in which the band's progress becomes observable. julie comment: "The song derives from the idea of someone or something negatively affecting one’s life, yet they cannot help but give in to the temptation of it. with this in mind, the song inherently exudes darker themes of negligence and impulsivity."

julie are composed of Alex Brady, Keyan Zand and Dillon Lee.

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