Mildred Maude: Glen Plays Moses

In its single form Glen Plays Moses is an edited version of a twenty-minute epic which will be part of Sleepover, the new album by Mildred Maude, out on October 22nd, 2021 through Sonic Cathedral.

Although the grand rendition of the song is definitely expected to have an accordingly mighty impact, it's not the entirety of it one needs to become immersed into the band's fantastic musicianship in which shoegaze and krautrock get ahead.

We named it after our friend Glen who drives us to our gigs and sessions, sells our merch, and provides excellent company,” says Mildred Maude drummer Louie Newlands. “On the way to where we needed to park for Sawmills Studio, the road by the River Fowey was flooded and Glen had to drive through the water, guessing where the edge was. We could have easily ended up driving into the river, but we made it. The track just seemed to fit the drama.

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