Living Hour and Peel Dream Magazine: Double Bus

A lavish piece of exploratory dreampop, Double Bus is a collaborative single by two of the genre's most aspiring acts, Winnipeg's Living Hour, and LA's Peel Dream Magazine. Both bands are on the heels of very good and well accepted albums, and their joint new track is out on Brooklyn's Kanine Records.

Elegantly hinting at obscure indie folk, and coming on with a unique style of instrumentation and a strong penchant for melody, Double Bus is far from the average dreampop single. 

Living Hour explain in a statement: "A silver lining of the past year has been that we started collaborating remotely as a band, and with other musicians. We were blown away with what came to be when we sent Joe from Peel Dream Magazine our song idea. "Double Bus" quickly formed into a dense and mystical sonic landscape with vibraphones, marimbas, bells, banjos, and strings weaving in and out of the song atop a bed of casio keyboards, drum machines and acoustic guitars. Sam and Joe's voices mesh really beautifully together and their singing styles give the song a natural, intimate, and organic sound. The lyrics came from a poem that Joe wrote while listening to a keyboard loop we made, exploring percussive sounds in words. Close your eyes and get lost in it."

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