Delhia de France: Razor (Foam and Sand Remix)

LA through Berlin artists, Delhia de France and Robot Koch, are frequent collaborators and consistent purveyors of canny, broad-minded music which has been reaching the boundaries of avant garde. The two join forces once more, this time through a remix of Delhia de France's newest single Razor, done under Koch's ambient moniker, Foam and Sand.

The new version of the song is based on a vocal line from the original, encompassed in beautiful modular synth ambiance and eventually developed into a transcendental work of art which feels lush and stripped down at the same time.

Delhia de France's brilliant aesthetics are yet again in play, as the overall result has the air of being a piece of quintessential art pop mastery, and a definitive example of a genre which is usually misidentified. This is the epitome of art pop, given through an even more experimental/ambient filter, and it shouldn't be missed.

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