Fotoform: Too Late

On their new single, their second one in little time, post punk trio, Fotoform, showcase a more airy, dreampop slanted aspect of their well-crafted sound. The band's new album, Horizons, is expected out in its entirety on October 15th, 2021. 

Too Late sees Kim House making her guitar debut on the solo, and on top of that the band deliver something comprehensively solid, echoing a few of the genre's different aspects.

Kim House remarks on the new track: "We’ve all experienced moments when boundaries have been crossed, whether by ourselves or someone else, and there’s no going back. Too Late is about that moment of alienation- the point of no return. It’s almost a two-sided monologue, it’s a warning/reminder but also a kind of satisfying break-up song about being strong enough to cut someone off who has wronged you emotionally, romantically, or even professionally: That’s it, you’re cut off. But: 'you did it to yourself'.

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