Straight Razor: Diabolos

The multiskilled Omar Doom has been spotted in the celebrated films of Quentin Tarantino, Inglourious Basterds and Death Proof, while as a musician he fronted the acclaimed Doomington alongside DJs Stretch Armstrong and Eli Escobar. The artist's new project, Straight Razor, emerges with a dark electronic sound, and has just released Vol.1, a five-track EP on Negative Gain.

Brimful with EBM and darkwave qualities, the new release trifles with both cinematic and heavy metal sounds and aesthetics, constituting an overall multilayered work; melodic, yet, rather raw, and generally versatile.

Diabolos, the EP's opener, lingers between synthwave energy and cyberpunk mood, and it sets forth Vol.1 with stable levels of intrigue and intensity.

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