THYMIAN: It Is Just Natural

It Is Just Natural is the last single to surface ahead of THYMIAN's debut album which arrives in its entirety on July 16th, 2021 through Young & Cold Records.

For this one the Swiss-based artist returns to the more danceable, new romantic/new wave-bent facet of his dark post punk sound.

THYMIAN explains the concept behind the song: "This song is about a certain phrase my mom used to tell me before going out. 'Pamet u glavu', translated it means 'be careful, don't do stupid stuff'. While partying on the dance floor and being out drinking with friends, this phrase popped up in my head and it was the main reason for heading home in time. The song is a dialogue with my mother, a mixture between things I and she would have said before heading out."

Artist photo by Paco Alborghetti

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