Immersion: Skylarks

Immersion is the electronica/art project of two alternative music veterans, Malka Spigel of Minimal Compact and Colin Newman of Wire (both artists are also members of experimental rock act, Githead). Their new album, Nanocluster Vol. 1, will be released on September 4th, 2021 via the artists own imprint, swim~.

Nanocluster Vol 1 is a collaborative record, featuring Immersion's works alongside Tarwater, Laetitia Sadier, Ulrich Schnauss and Scanner.

This new project draws inspiration from the Brighton-based night club of the same name which Spigel and Newman run together with writer, broadcaster and DJ Graham Duff, and promoter Andy Rossiter. The club has hosted numerous forward-thinking music acts, still, the unique characteristic of every show is that it concludes with Immersion collaborating with the headliners, with the songs having been written and recorded in the studio only three days prior to the performance. In the case of Ulrich Schnauss the recordings took place only one day earlier.

Colin Newman comments on new song, Skylarks: "Ulrich Schnauss is not only a highly talented artist but also an amazing human being. The music in Skylarks is about, if about anything, the magic of summer and we have attempted to capture something of that in the video which is all shot within walking distance of our house in Brighton. The track is part of an album which is all about friendship and collaboration."

"It could have just been a series of performances." comments Newman on the entire project. "But the fact that we had built the tracks in the studio for the performances means we had these recordings," adds Spigel, and concludes: "I think the really interesting thing is how different everybody is. Both as people and creatively."

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