Amyl and The Sniffers: Guided By Angels

Sophomore records are incredibly tricky, especially for those bands which have made a strong impact with their debut album. It would be understandable if one would have gotten cautiously into the second album by Amyl and the Sniffers, but as first single, Guided By Angels, attests, we should carry on without hesitation. While we're living in a world where even long-established, beloved, genre-defining artists degrade their own legacy by attaching their names to valueless pop artists, we are consistently being reminded that true virtue will always be in the smaller and fresher founts of new music. Amyl and the Sniffers remain one of the best punk bands in the world.

The nihilistic, live in the moment, positivity and panel beater rock-meets-shed show punk was still there, but it was better,” says Amy Taylor on the band's new material, being created throughout the pandemic. “The whole thing was less spontaneous and more darkly considered.

Comfort To Me, the second album by Amyl and the Sniffers comes out September 10th, 2021 through ATO Records.

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