FOTOCRIME: Delicate Prey

Ryan Patterson's Fotocrime returns with a different approach, but the same punch and artistic vision for what he refers to as “electric Southern romanticism.” The project's third full length, Heart of Crime, will be coming out on August 27th, 2021 through Profound Lore.

Opposed to last year's great South Of Heaven which had detailed production by J. Robbins and included sessions recorded by Steve Albini in Chicago and Simon Small in London, the new album is a product of quarantine, with Patterson doing almost the entirety of the mixing and recording. 

This is by far the most direct and personal thing I’ve ever done in that 99% of everything on the recording is me,” the artist says. “It’s the first album I’ve ever recorded and mixed myself.

First single and video, Delicate Prey, is a minimalistic, pulsating darkwave hit, with Patterson's croon and an unadorned style of production coming together to perfection. 

In my mind, Fotocrime is a meeting point between cold-war Europe and mid-century Americana,” Patterson comments. “DAF meets Roy Orbison, Portishead meets Ricky Nelson. Raymond Chandler and Paul Bowles go to see a Douglas Sirk and Carol Reed double feature.” 

An aesthetically strong video comes with the song, directed, filmed and edited by Katie Lovecraft.

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