Bloodslide: How Glad I Am

Since March 2021 Bloodslide have been unveiling steadily the versatile and inventive multimedia endeavor that is their debut self-titled EP. The fourth and final piece off the release is the single and video, How Glad I Am, another cut of musical adventure and intensity.

Bloodslide live up to the expectations raised by the eminence of their lineup. They comment on the new video: "We have found our new home after traversing the digital ocean. But the pain and heartbreak of leaving our bodies and worlds still hangs with us.  Like a lost lover it haunts our new-found lives from the periphery of our sight, unable to approach us. We are in a new world now, one which is both old and new, a digital plane which mixes and moulds everything we came from into a new transcendental space, something beautiful. And yet, we cannot seem to let where we come from go.

"We are not the only ones here, there is another, a collector, a warden, a caretaker. A great force which loves and desires to help us become free from what has trapped us and still lives within us. But we are not sure we are going to be able to relinquish where we came from. Transcend or become torn apart - there is only one option and the warden knows which we will choose - but cannot say."

Bloodslide are Mike Wallace (Preoccupations), Greg Ahee (Protomartyr), and singer and bassist AJ Lambert. The band's debut EP is out now digitally, as the vinyl release is scheduled for September 2021.


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