Swirlpool: Cinnamon Sun

Leaning on the atmospheric side of shoegaze, German band, Swirlpool, deliver a balmy, dreamlike indie rocker, their new single, Cinnamon Sun. Following on from their EP, Camomile from 2018, and last year's standalone single, Spinning In Reverse, Swirlpool give rise to a warm and mature style of shoegaze, hinting at bands like Slowdive and Catherine Wheel.

Cinnamon Sun comes with an accordingly artful accompanying music video which features well constructed collage art animations, directed by Julius Bigott. 

With their dreamy and airy qualities in display, Swirlpool easily achieve a level of surreal without diverging much from the genre's tested essentials, and sound placed in a kind of high flown ethereality while at the same time they appear completely lucid.

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