Black Pope: Demon Stomp

True to the style and forms established by his horror-themed earlier singles, Black Pope returns with new track, Demon Stomp, a rock 'n' roll cut which narrates the story of a young person coming up against a demonic possession on the dance floor.

I guess the song is about not belonging anywhere, and the emotional chaos that can cause,” the artist comments. “We all find a balance of how much we’re willing to go along with other people's expectations, but without a strong sense of self, it can be easy to get lost. All that, plus you’re 16 and possessed by the Devil.

This time around Black Pope takes a daring and more expansive direction to his songwriting, with the song clocking in at almost seven minutes, while the sound once again call up memories of The Cramps, Dead Moon, The Meteors and so on.

Demon Stomp was recorded in Monique Studios in Cork, Ireland with producer Cian Riordan, and it will be part of Black Pope’s upcoming EP, Music for Girls Vol. I, expected later in 2021.

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