Women Of The Night: Money

In a very organic way, Brooklyn's Women of the Night succeed in their attempt to maintain a perfect balance between the brighter and the darker aspects of their songwriting. The band's new single, Money, is a direct piece with a proto-punk and glam rock disposition.

I noticed my songwriting and the voices within the stories were often flickering between a sinister voice and a much lighter and optimistic voice,” says guitarist and vocalist, Jordan D’Arsie. “As the album began to come together, I started to imagine it as its own space and almost as if there were 2 parallel planes. What is spoken of in the light of day and what is spoken of in the night or simply put Sub Rosa. There's a symmetry and balance to this record, 7 songs on each side and a conscious effort in the songwriting to balance these 2 parallel worlds, the voices and sounds that accompany them.

Sub Rosa, the sophomore album by Women of the Night, was recorded in three days at NY HED studio in the Lower Eastside New York, with producers Rocio and Matt Verta-Ray, and it will be out July 16th, 2021 on Declared Goods and UK label Heavy Soul.

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