Winterlight: Harmonium Drones

Winterlight is a project which began in 2006 by Tim Ingham as a solo act. After a series of releases it developed into a duo helmed by Ingham alongside his daughter, Bel, on bass guitar. Gestural Abstractions, incoming through n5MD, is going to be the project's second album under that lineup, following on from The Longest Sleep Through the Darkest Days which came out in 2018, also on the same esteemed label.

Founded on a groundwork of alluring dreampop haziness and shoegaze bliss, and through ample reverb and an interesting approach to their instrumentation, comes new track, Harmonium Drones. The five-minute cut shows instances of the album's post rock expansion, while it remains down to earth, well established on easy to take in melodies and a general sense of wistfulness. 

Gestural Abstractions releases July 30th, 2021.

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