King Woman: Morning Star

Of the many creative identities through which Kris Esfandiari brings into being a series of works that belong to different and diverse musical styles, King Woman has always seemed to be the artist's principal character, with Miserable being also close to the lead. NGHTCRWLR, KRIS, Dalmatian and Sugar High have all been solid examples of Esfandiari's restless artistry and indicative cases of her involvement in more daring and ambitious endeavors, but King Woman has consistently felt like the heaviest hitter.

King Woman returns a long while after the acclaimed Created in the Image of Suffering with new album, Celestial Blues, due out on July 30th, 2021 via Relapse Records. First single, the heavy atmospheric rocker, Morning Star, comes with a video shot in one take, directed by Muted Widows.

"Creating this album has brought me great peace and closure," Kris Esfandiari says of Celestial Blues. "Grateful to finally share it with all of you."

King Woman are rounded out by drummer Joseph Raygoza and guitarist Peter Arensdorf. The new album was recorded by Jack Shirley (Deafheaven, Amenra, Oathbreaker).

Artist photo by Nedda Afsari


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