Midwife: God Is A Cop

Ahead of the coming full length, Luminol, Madeline Johnston's Midwife reveals another specimen of the album's deeply sentimental and all around minimal approach. God Is A Cop is the album's opening piece, a song of plain, beautiful lyricism and cinematic overtones which advance subtly, yet, vividly.

A little after the recent single, Christina’s World, the new track evinces more of the nostalgia and the contemplativeness expected in Midwife's new material.

Luminol comes out in its entirety on July 16th, 2021 via The Flenser, and features collaborations from artists including Dan Barrett (Have A Nice Life), Tucker Theodore, Angel Diaz (Vyva Melinkolya), Zachary Cole Smith, Ben Newman, and Colin Caulfield (DIIV).

Artist photo by Alana Wool

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