True Body: No Day

Richmond's True Body released a pretty solid album last year, their debut full length, Heavenly Rhythms for the Uninitiated, which was appreciated by those more perceptive in the underground post punk realm, but went under the radar in a general sense. The band now returns with a collaborative release alongside Digital Hell, which is quite diverse as a whole, and hammers out a lot of intensity.

As True Body's side represents the most accessible facet of this heterodoxic union and Digital Hell personify the maddening part of what makes this collaboration unique, it's becoming evident that both acts bring forth the best of their abilities.

Album opener, No Day, can be pretty easy to digest and comes with a sense of approachability to the untrained eye, but hints of the derangement that's about to follow are there, lying within True Body's industrial propensity which will eventually meet with Digital Hell's side all fitly.

True Body & Digital Hell is out through Funeral Party Records.

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