Collapsing Scenery: The Grey Cardinal // Remixes by Cold Cave and Ryan Ross

Experimental synthpop act, Collapsing Scenery, released their debut album, Stress Positions, in 2019, bringing together elements from disparate styles like techno, industrial pop, EBM and post punk into an eccentric amalgamation which is generally tough to define in plain terms. 

Album highlight, The Grey Cardinal, is now presented in two new renditions remixed by Cold Cave and Ryan Ross respectively.

"Cold Cave is a kindred spirit," band's Reggie Debris says on the first of the new remixes. "Wes’s take on the track slices and reorganizes the vocals into an entirely new arrangement, all driven by a charging big-beat rave track that pulses and chugs along, conjuring images of strobing lights and sweaty dance floors."

"Ryan Ross (formerly of Panic at the Disco) is an old friend and compatriot," Debris states about the other fresh take on The Grey Cardinal. "His remix entirely comprises deep and obscure samples, layered and pitched and time-stretched to create an entirely new song underpinning the original vocal. It’s a sort of labor intensive musical collage and it gives an entirely new life and feeling to the melody and lyrics."

Both new versions metamorphose the track into works totally new, all in all evincing the big range and the flexibility of Collapsing Scenery's artistry who possess all indications of a boundary pushing and nonconformist act.

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