Allison Lorenzen: Be a Fortress

Following on from the very well received, Vale, a recent collaborative piece alongside Midwife, Allison Lorenzen releases new song, Be a Fortress, together with a well made accompanying video. It is the second  single off the artist's upcoming debut album, expected out this Fall through Whited Sepulchre Records.

Coming from the ranks of the darkwave duo, School Dance, Lorenzen wrote the new songs after her band's demise which came together with the end of a romantic relationship. The artist describes this renewed aspect of her artistry as "saying 'no thank you' to that which doesn't serve me and to situations/people that aren't actually a fit, and to stay connected with the deeper parts of myself where my truth and creativity reside."

Carrying a fair amount of wistfulness which is eventually offset by the broad mellowness, and the subtle hopefulness which the songwriting emanates, the new song lays out a steady and secure slowcore path for Lorenzen, while the video harks back to her previous creative work as a professional dancer.

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