Qlowski: Lotta Continua

Lotta Continua translates to 'continuous struggle', and it's the title of the latest single and video from the London-based band, Qlowski, who bring forth an interesting fusion of twee pop and punk. The track is part of the group's impending album, Quale Futuro?, expected out June 4th, 2021 through Maple Death Records in Europe, and Feel It Records in the US.

The new track was inspired by the women fighting for the YPJ (Women's Protection Units) in Rojava, Kurdistan, and it is dedicated to them. The YPJ is an all-female socialist and feminist militia fighting against ISIS in the Syrian civil war for women's rights and for the liberation of the Syrian people.

"Rojava is an example of Libertarian Socialism," the band comment. "Strict gender roles have been demolished, people of different faith live and fight together in solidarity, and women had and still have a pivotal role in the creation of this society. This is so inspiring for us, to see that is possible to create a different, more equal and fair way of living."

Despite its grave concept, Lotta Continua sounds very easy on the ears, steady and collected, with the vocal  distinction between bandleaders Michele Tellarini and Cecilia Corapi being one of the key components of its unconstrained allure. The song draws strong parallels to the power pop and punk of Flying Nun and the sophisticated post punk of Britain's past, and acts like The Raincoats and Young Marble Giants, and it comes with a compelling video directed by the band's own, Michele Tellarini.

Qlowski are Michele Tellarini (guitar, keyboards, vocals), Cecilia Corapi (keyboards, vocals), Danny Smartt (bass, clarinet) and Christian Billard (drums, percussions). 

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