Goth Dad: Cold

Indie rockers, Goth Dad, will be releasing their upcoming album, This Will Never End, on May 21st, 2021, and introduce it with first single, Cold, which regardless of its title creates the impression of something very much warm and breezy, and totally in line with the shoegaze and dreampop sound the band has practiced in the past.

"The song is about the strange experiences we've had on the road over the last three years," the band describe. "Lyrically, most of the upcoming album is fairly weighty... but we wrote this song to almost be a break from that while still maintaining that feel," they continue, while at the same time they cite inspiration from movie soundtracks of the eighties for this one.

As the song's lyrics explicitly mention the album's title before its conclusion, Cold amounts to an emotional effect which won't be that much surprising to those familiar with the band's earlier material.


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