Self-described with the imaginative term 'glitter punk', Spanish quartet, Hickeys, arise with a fervent post punk sound which they have been developing with consistency since their initial appearance in 2017.

Hickeys will be releasing their debut album in 2021, while their newest single, MOTHERLODE, is unrestrictedly demonstrative of the radical punk spirit which exists in the band's sound, and the intensity with which often their performances impress. The track comes with a notably artful video directed by María Muriedas and Ximón Agirre.

"It expresses the generational frustration and uncertainty caused by the premise that what has been promised is not real," the band describe MOTHERLODE. "Disillusionment, anger and frustration is what is heard and felt in this single."

Hickeys are Marta Kunitsa (guitar), Ana Erice (guitar), Maite Barrena (drums) and Martina G. Compairé (bass).


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