Nicole Marxen: Wild Again (Remix by Black Taffy)

Having recently put out one of the strongest early EP releases of 2021, Nicole Marxen keeps harnessing the darkness of Tether and the elaboration of her creating vision, this time through a powerful collaboration with Dallas based ambient composer, Black Taffy.

Wild Again (Remix by Black Taffy) takes the earnestness in what both artists do, and modifies it into something deeply bitter, familiar and thought provoking.

"Wild Again is about climate change," Nicole reveals the track's aim. "The seed for the song came from a documentary I saw on National Geographic back in 2008 called Aftermath. Based on the book The World Without Us, it features speculation of what may happen to the planet if humans no longer existed. That concept has stuck with me ever since."

These extreme levels of pessimism and disenchantment are also taking cues from another art form which shouldn't appear that far from Marxen's sound and ways, especially after a thorough listen: "I love Black metal," Nicole continues. "I wanted to write a song that was inspired by the genre, but still my own thing. There’s a sentiment to it that maybe we deserve our demise, while eradicating the idea of hope for us."

"Donovan and I run in the same circles and it’s been a dream of mine for a while to work with him," she comments on the collaboration with Black Taffy. "His remix is so breathtaking, my jaw was on the floor the first time I heard it. Because it’s such a contrast from the original, this gave me a completely new perspective on the song. Humanity cannot be saved, but Earth will adapt and thrive once again."

Black Taffy put his own mark to the already weight track. He remarks: "I received this commission from Nicole back in April of 2020. The world had just shut down but I was still in good spirits. Then I wasn’t, for a long time. Suffice to say, here we are a year later and her remix is complete. I’m very happy with how it turned out. I also added a melodic easter egg from a video game that helped me deal with the overwhelming solitude of last year. This one feels very close to me as I spent so much time with it."


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