R. Missing: Crimeless

Vocalist Sharon Shy and musician Henry 'Toppy' Frost formerly of The Ropes are R. Missing, an ambiguous dark synthpop act based in New York which has just released a new single through the revered Sugarcane Recordings, home to such greats as David Lynch, John Foxx, Clint Mansell, Hot Chip, Hercules & Love Affiar and Gazelle Twin among others.

Crimeless is an atmospheric, lush synthpop piece akin the glimmering melancholy of Chromatics, and the brooding, pulsating drive of the earlier TR/ST. The song comes paired to a set of compelling remixes, two by Icelandic electropop veterans, GusGus, and one by the London duo, The KVB, all of which provided different spins on the track, showcasing the original's magnificence through each remixer's genuine perspective.

Notably, GusGus have their forthcoming album, Mobile Home, on the way, expected in summer 2021, and The KVB are also expected to release a new album soon, while their own Nicholas Wood has just put out a new LP on Fuzz Club Records under his Saccades moniker.

Crimeless and its remixes arrive with some incredible visuals created by Nadia Hironaka and Matthew Suib.


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