Death Hags: Synthetic Nature

If one thing is to characterize the artistic core of Death Hags the most, is that Lola G. is an artist who emphasizes with comfort and dexterity on many different genres, and has long established herself as a style challenging act with a considerably big range.

Synthetic Nature finds Death Hags leaning toward an experimental electronic ambient sound with a more graspable approach, coming across like a blend between Eno, Kraftwerk and Ladytron. The track is part of  Big Grey Sun #3 which will be available on streaming services and CD on May 14th, 2021 with a limited edition Bandcamp-only lathe-cut seven-inch. 

"Synthetic Nature is a fever dream about the seduction of hyper modernity and the confusion it causes in our brains," the artist describes. "The more we race towards a post-human world of synthetic beings and biology, the more we long to go back to what we think is Nature, only to find (to paraphrase Baudrillard) that we only have the map and not the territory."

As prolific as always, Death Hags will be pairing Big Grey Sun #3 to a companion space ambient album and VHS limited edition titled Life of a Space Tree

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