Trialogos: Stroh Zu Gold

A very pleasant surprise comes from the ranks of Exile On Mainstream, in the form of a new band with a cinematic heavy rock approach which includes dark folk artist Connie Ochs in its ranks, also know for his collaborations with Wino, and for the gloom of his solo releases. Trialogos are rounded out by acclaimed and rising film composer Sicker Man, and singer/multi-instrumentalist Kiki Bohemia (both also of Slutty Clowns). The band's debut album, Stroh Zu Gold, comes out on June 18th, 2021, and its title track was just unveiled paired to an excellent performance video by Milan Pfützenreuter, which premiered at Roadburn's Redux Festival. 

In a little over six and a half minutes of steady drive and intensity, Stroh Zu Gold hits hard as a heavy psychedelic krautrock piece, and it's tough to feel immersed in its sharp instrumentation and the trio's dedication.

Stroh Zu Gold was recorded at blankstudio Berlin in October 2020, produced by Tobias Vethake and Trialogos with additional recordings by Conny Ochs, and mastered by Andreas 'Lupo' Lubich. The artwork was created by the band members, mainly Ochs. For what it's worth, the album is going to be the esteemed label's hundredth release.

Photos supplied by the band members

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