Vision Video: Siren's Song

After three fantastic originals and punchy cover of a post punk standard, it feels very safe to say that Inked In Red, the impending album by Georgia band, Vision Video, is going to be one of 2021's most forceful debuts.

Siren's Song is the fifth track revealed off the album, and one of those pieces which appear firmly grounded in the real world, undeterred by the band's highly stylized aesthetics and their relatively sensationalistic take on post punk.

"Siren's Song is a track that Emily [Fredock] and I co-wrote, and therefore has separate meanings for us both," reveals the band's own Dusty Gannon. "On Emily's behalf, the song was about a failed relationship, and the desire to recover that relationship. For myself, I framed that emotional landscape as a metaphor for my strange, recurring desire to go back to a warzone or be in emergency situations. Once you've been through something like a war, or worked as a first responder, other things in life can be pale in comparison, so the allegorical 'siren' in the song is that strange voice in my head that tends to pop up to say, ‘You need me. You belong here.’ I think this song is fundamentally about looking at something you know is not good for you, but being seduced by its undeniable allure."

The entirety of Inked In Red releases on April 16th, 2021.


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