No Kill: Swooning

Brooklyn-based act, No Kill, is the solo project of Jamie Cogar whose first album, Gold Chorus, is expected out on May 21st, 2021 through Substitute Scene Records. First single and video, Swooning, previews No Kill's perfect implementation of influences, solid production and overall sense of glimmer and warmth, placing the act as one of the brightest new ones in current shoegaze pop.

It’s a song about desire,” Jamie Cogar comments on Swooning. “It’s about vulnerability, irreverence, and the power games people play with one another.

Candid and densely structured like a traditional pop song, Swooning becomes an engaging shoegazer by way of its fine embellishment, the rich, yet, subtle textures in its production and its neat use of reverb, overall recollecting the sway of acts like Beach House, Asobi Seksu and The Raveonettes.

The single comes with a video of correspondingly lush and colorful visuals, directed by Matthew Conboy.

As a self taught musician who still plays by ear, and who admittedly taught herself by playing guitar along with nineties grunge on the radio, Cogar passes that frankness which inherently inhabits her creative core on to her songs, and the outcome is vibrant.

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