Sloe Noon: Underwater (I am blue)

Brighton's Sloe Noon consist of Anna Olive and Dennis Mielke, a couple of five years, releasing their self-recorded debut EP, Embassy Court, on April 9th, 2021. The seven-song release draws its title from the seafront building at their hometown were the songs were conceived.

Underwater (I am blue), one of the EP's darkest moments, is also a representation of the existential character which the band's songwriting maintains, and also a leveled unification of mellowness and fuzz, dwelling in the more shadowy side of dreampop, reminiscent of genre staples like The Sundays and The Jesus And Mary Chain.

"The verses describe that feeling of wanting to dissolve into somebody else, so you don't have to feel the way you feel anymore, depending on others for emotional stability and the self-loathing that comes with that," Anna Olive details the track's deep sentimentality. "The chorus was written after someone said to me 'what as small world we live in', but I felt really overwhelmed with existential angst that day, so it just expresses that momentum of feeling totally lost and small by invalidating that statement."

Musing on themes of anxiety and depression, the track, much like the rest of the EP, brings forward a distinguishable and purposeful young act with an eloquent approach.

"Concepts of underwaterness and drowning are the imagery for these dark feelings, especially since I’ve always lived by the sea this holds greater symbolic meaning." Olive concludes: "Towards the end of the song it gets harder and harder to breathe and finally there is one last breath before going under."

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