Violet Silhouette: Any Way It Cracks

New single and video, Any Way It Cracks, marks the very strong debut offering from new synthpop project, Violet Silhouette, and it arrives with a dark tendency, and an artistic accompanying clip directed by Ates Isildak.

Violet Silhouette lift from new wave, post punk, synthpop and industrial to come out with a darkwave amalgam of their own which just as well be matched up to finesse of Drab Majesty and Cold Cave. 

"The first line finds you in the throes of a tryst, the pre-dawn light is playing its tricks and the effects of the late-night are still lingering; and, for a moment, you see the face of who you really want to be there instead.," the band comment. "The thoughts spiral from there, you’re barely existing and trying to cut through the days, all while trying to make some sense of not being able to reach what you're yearning for."

With a deep existential character, a pretty sharply crafted sound, and a matching visual of luscious and gritty visuals, Any Way It Cracks makes a powerful first impression for the emerging act, and becomes the first example off their coming debut EP, SEMIPERMANENTDEREALIZATION, which arrives on April 30th, 2021.

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