A Very Special Episode: Introspectre

New York's A Very Special Episode come forth with an incredibly gritty and charmingly rough sound, merging elements from punk, post punk and shoegaze. After a couple of EPs from 2017 and 2018, the band return with an abrasive new single out on Hidden Home Records and EWEL Records. 

Introspectre was written a year before the semi-lockdown situation, still, it's concept and lyrical content seems to be a good match to the uneasiness which current times bring. "The lyrics are all about the anxieties and obsessive, haunting thoughts that sometimes make it difficult to live out in the world, or even leave the house," the band state. "And then when, of course, we couldn’t leave for a really long time they felt relevant in a whole new way. So now as we start to ease back into the world and navigate what that means, we’re happy to be doing so alongside our new tune."

A Very Special Episode's boisterous shoegaze parallels well to that of their fellow New Yorkers, A Place to Bury Strangers, Ceremony (East Coast) and the genre's past greatness from acts like Swervedriver and Jesus And Mary Chain. 

Whirling, reverberating guitars, strong, fast rhythms and an unfeigned, raw vocal are the key ingredient of what makes AVSE coming across so exceedingly punchy and warm-blooded in the first place, as their reputation as a shoegaze hopeful is still being built slowly but surely.


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