English Teacher: R&B

Emerging post punk band, English Teacher, protrude with a dynamic, artful, noisy rocker which also serves as a fine example of the band's cultivated musicianship and their sly implementation of influences. 

R&B evokes to the angst found in the songwriting and sound of bands like Sonic Youth, Slint and Life Without Buildings, and it comes into view cuttingly sharp concerning both the instrumental and the lyrical fronts. 

"R&B is about the cyclical, productivity-diminishing paradox of low self-esteem and imposter syndrome-induced writer’s block that then fuels low self-esteem and imposter syndrome," the band lay out the song's aim. "It’s also about racial identity and putting the love that you have to offer a potential romantic partner back into yourself."

It was produced by Theo Verney (TRAAMS, FEET, Lazarus Kane), and it's part of the esteemed Nice Swan Introduces... series which has previously spotlighted fresh acts such as Sprints, Hallan, Malady and Mandrake Handshake among others.

English Teacher are Lily Fontaine (vocals, rhythm guitar, synth), Douglas Frost (drums, synth), Nicholas Eden (bass, synth) and Lewis Whiting (lead guitar, synth).

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