The Tremolo Beer Gut: The Minx

The Tremolo Beer Gut release their hyped, heavy on guests and strong on energy new album, You Can’t Handle The Tremolo Beer Gut, on Crunchy Frog worldwide. The album comes out on June 18th, 2021 in the US via MuSick Recordings (Los Angeles) and No-Count Records (Seattle).

The album has produced a series of singles ahead of its release, all of which demonstrated the band's expertise at animated garage rock, and the latest evidence of that comes in the form of one more two and a half-minute dynamite, following a more upbeat trajectory compared to the band's customarily grittier ways.

Picturesquely described by the TBG, "The Minx is a both a lynx and a sphinx: feline, dangerous, beautiful and strangely enigmatic. And she’s up to NO good, so catch her if you can – and dare!"

The Minx finds the TBG reaching a peak, as does the rest of the album filled with guest appearances by Sune Rose Wagner (The Raveonettes), Jon Spencer (The Blues Explosion, Heavy Trash), The Courettes, Cristina Martinez (Boss Hog), Evan D. Foster (The Sonics, Boss Martians), Chris Barfield (The Huntington Cads) and others. 

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