Body Horror: The Gimp's Gimp

North London's rising act, Body Horror, emerge with their very impressive debut single, The Gimp’s Gimp, drawing influence from both EDM and post punk. From their first offering the band seem to be developing a downright nonconformist, wild sound, while thematically they also tackle uncommon subjects and evoke BDSM imagery.

"The tune is the tale of a Gimp that belongs to another Gimp, so it’s a kind of double negative of submissiveness," says vocalist Gethyn Thomas. "A metaphor for the unspoken, sexual underbelly of individuals in hierarchies. One man’s gimp is another man’s pimp."

Direct, bitter and caustic lyricism comes together formidably with the industrial-tinged, heavy post punk and noise rock aggression of the new band's sound, resulting in a fierce and animated piece, anarchic and imposing at the same time.

The band's early live act hasn't been left unnoticed as well. "At our gigs, as soon as the first drum pattern meets the pretty horrid sample that opens the song, the crowd would start moving straight off and go pretty mental," bassist Bart Williams comments. "That reaction was what made it a no-brainer for us to record The Gimp’s Gimp and make it our first single."


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