Even As We Speak: Bizarre Love Triangle

In 1987 Australian indie pop band Even As We Speak were still freshly formed and emergent, and they had only released a couple of singles before they put out Blue Suburban Skies/Bizarre Love Triangle which became a sort of breakthrough for them, as it expectedly appealed to fans of the C86 scene.

Quite noticeable there is the b-side, a cover of the New Order hit off their 1986 album, Brotherhood, done in the band's signature quirky lo-fi indie pop style.

This was re-released in 1990 as part of the seven-inch single, Nothing Ever Happens, by Sarah Records on which EAWS earned most of their early acclaim. Blue Suburban Skies/Bizarre Love Triangle was re-issued by Optic Nerve Recordings on blue vinyl in 2020 among a classic seven-inches series of releases, but it had never been available on digital platforms until now. 

The band's esteemed single is now presented in all its sweet peculiarity and three-chord guitar glory, remastered and ready to be turned over to the younger generations which weren't around to collect vinyl in 1987.


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