The Psychotic Monks: A Coherent Appearance // Live at Tapetown

Dark, loud, discordant and evidently rising post punk band, The Psychotic Monks, released their second album, Private Meaning First, through Fatcat Records in November 2020 to a great response. Tackling themes of isolation, claustrophobia, nihilism and beyond, the rising French band unveiled the high levels of intensity which come with the experimental path they follow, and came up with a full length which surely represents their brooding energy.

Prior to the album's release and before the hard impact of the pandemic, The Psychotic Monks visited the Tapetown studio in Aarhus, Denmark for a session which they combined with a show at the Aalborg festival Northern Winter Beat. They delivered a wholesome 16-minute rendition of their album cut, A Coherent Appearance, which begins in the band's customarily dynamic manner, and eventually evolves into an expansive jam, as they band runs with the excellency of their live act.

The video, which hadn't seen the light of day for a while due to the band's change between labels and the effects from the pandemic, is finally out to maintain the audience hooked and keep the world longing for more quality live music.

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