Death Bells: Live From Bombay

On the heels of their recent album, New Signs of Life, which turned out to be a milestone for their path so far, Death Bells release a five-song live EP, together with an accompanying video of the entire performance. 

Live From Bombay was filmed and recorded during the pandemic at Bombay Beach in the Salton Sea, California, and it's out through Dais Records. The new release finds the Los Angeles through Sydney band in spotless form, delivering sharp renderings of their songs.

The band say in the following statement: "In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, we felt it important to find a way to perform songs from New Signs of Life in a live context. We had previously spent some time around the Salton Sea, and found Bombay Beach in particular to have a sort of chaotic allure. It's in a state of permanent environmental decline, harsh and alien. Our friend Sonia made sure we had a place to sleep whilst filming the performance, and has a wealth of knowledge regarding the area - having moved there as a child in the 1960s, when it was being marketed as the Californian Riviera. The video itself was directed and shot by Travis Waddell, who's become a frequent collaborator. Andy Oswald and Colin Knight figured out how best to record everything live - no small feat for such an oppressive landscape."

All five tracks come from New Signs of Life, and the video premiered on Roadburn Redux.

Band photo courtesy of Indie Publicity

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