Milly: Star Spangled Banner

The final piece of Milly's long awaited and slowly unraveled new EP, Wish Goes On, is out, and the release comes into bloom in its entirety through Dangerbird Records, depicting the band's foreseen maturation, and their superb execution of nineties shoegaze and grunge rendered in today's terms.

Star Spangled Banner, is the EP's opening track and the newest revealed from the five which comprise Wish Goes On. It's a very strong opening statement from the band, coming with an almost caustic character, distrustful of the notion of the US supremacy as it is persistently put across, especially to children. Heavy and sharp guitars blend tunefully with the mellowness in Brendan Dyer's songwriting, and through a crystalline production, soft vocals and an overarching sense of forcefulness, the way is paved for the both the milder and the fiercer directions which Milly's sound tends to take in the songs which follow.

The very gentle, Denial, captures feelings of lonesomeness in a perfect way, leading single, Star Thistle Blossom, takes the band's guitar-laden energy to the highest peaks possible as it doesn't lack in anything compared to first-rate nineties grunge rockers, while the previously unheard, Teach Old Dogs New Tricks, is another acute balance between the moody slowcore and slacker rock candor. Another melodious ode to desolation, closer Birds Fly Free concludes the five song set to oneiric high note.

"Wish Goes On signifies a new beginning," Brendan Dyer says writes about the new EP. "It marks the transition from Milly being primarily a solo endeavour to a full on collaborative and living being. The songs serve as an example of time passing, new passages, and ideas to wish for. It is an acknowledgement of all that I've experienced in the past few years but stepping forward with new energy.. accompanied and supported by the best people. The guitars are big, the lyrics are heartfelt and true, and the future is looking bright. It's everything I have collected over time and emphasized on, via the lens of my closest contributors. We have become one single unit on Wish Goes On."

Band photo by Mark Underwood

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