Sculpture Club: Twirl For Me

Salt Lake City post punk quartet, Sculpture Club, have been slowly unveiling what's shaping up to be a wonderful album of punk, shoegaze and power pop properties, while the accompanying visuals have been of equal good taste and quality. 

The newest single, Twirl For Me, comes with a video directed by the band's own Madison Donnelly who writes in the following statement: "I wanted the video to feel light, lonely and dream-like, reflecting my most unhinged moments in 2020. Dyana, the main performer, and I both struggle with ADHD and its perceived obstacles, but this year I’ve tried to reframe my ‘disorder’ around its benefits, like creativity, boundless energy, intense focus, and qualities that define some of my favorite parts of Dyana and myself. Without it, Dyana wouldn’t be the quick-witted, hilarious, musical genius that I love, and I’m trying to be that kind to my brain too. I wanted to show multiple facets of a compelling person who I see so much of myself in, therefore most of my direction was along the lines of ‘Dyana! Be you but bigger!’

"This video was the creative catharsis of our quarantine pod after a long and dark winter. We used practical lens filters like pantyhose and great uncle Carl’s kaleidoscope lenses from the 70s. This summer I am leaving Sculpture Club and SLC to attend graduate school on the East Coast, so this video was also a parting gift to my beloved bandmates."

Alive with eighties jangle pop glimmer, Twirl For Me is heaving with positivity and ambition, and it's the magnificent closing number to an all around exciting new album. 

Worth comes out in its entirety on May 14th, 2021 through Funeral Party Records.

Band photo courtesy of Group Effort

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