Postcards: Home is so Sad

Lebanon dreampop band, Postcards, will be following their splendid album, The Good Soldier, from last year with the forthcoming After the Fire, Before the End, due in Fall 2021 on t3 records.

The band let us in on the concept behind their new work: "The album was written between January 2020 and January 2021, in a year where we experienced the slow demise of an uprising we thought would change the country, an economic collapse with no end sight, a crushing pandemic, and just when we thought things couldn’t sink any lower, an explosion that blew up half the city––courtesy of our politicians’ incompetence and corruption."

First example off it is a downcast piece of slowcore and dreampop wistfulness which carries the accordingly nostalgic title, Home Is So Sad.

"Inspired by the Philip Larkin poem of the same name, it’s one of the first songs we wrote after the August 4 explosion," the band comment on the track which captures the gloom and despondency the catastrophic event in their hometown of Beirut brought, causing at least 215 deaths and thousands of injuries.

"The album is one of mourning, mourning for our city, its people, for our absurd past and suspended future," Postcards conclude.

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